The TradersNewsMedia Secret Sauce….

In a nutshell...we CREATE, DRIVE and *FILTER performance leads DIRECTLY into YOUR Funnel…


Create...“Done For You Creative”

First, we review your offer, then WE create new ads (facebook, google, email creative, and native) and multiple squeeze pages.

We know what works because we’re buying 6 figures of traffic on a regular basis and we know what is CONVERTING! We do the work for you to ensure that your leads are generating the highest quality leads based on what EACH UNIQUE SOURCE responds to.

Drive...“We Deliver Traffic”

We then take the creatives we’ve built and go to our HUNDREDS of high quality traffic sources for TESTING.

We start small to determine which ads, copy, and squeeze pages perform the best...THEN WE SCALE!

*Filter...Double Optin Without the Dross!!”

The traffic comes in...and (using our unique process developed over several months and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars worth of testing) we FILTER to ensure you’re getting the CREAM of the crop leads.

We send only the HIGHEST quality leads through our proprietary process. We send only the most qualified leads directly to your funnel ensuring the highest ROI, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Because we know our sources and work VERY closely with clients,
we make sure only the best qualified leads are coming your way.

Our way is clean and effective, no fluff.

We do all filtering and qualification FOR YOU, so the leads you're getting are
highly targeted and truly want your offer.

It's all about enhanced quality using our process.

We bring a value-added key feature to all clients - we can SCALE, dramatically 
ensuring your ultimate ROI in $$$ - immediately and long term.

These become your qualified contacts that are as likely to be interested in your
full line of products as one single product, returning again and again to you.
WHY? Again, we're not restricted by the number of lists or sources we can use
to drive you BUYING leads.