Our Story1


It started like this…

One successful media buy, and one successful affiliate manager…

It was an experiment.

We wanted to see if we could start a website with no products, no traffic, no recognition,
and build a meaningful and profitable business - we were profitable within 30 days!!!

Meet Brian

Then we said to ourselves, if we can do this on our own, how much more profitable would it be for other businesses who have products and services that are RIGHT on the cusp of greatness, but might lack the advertising connections..or an insight into a funnel process...or just the vote of confidence to take their marketing to the next level...

Meet Brad

TradersNewsMedia was born…

TradersNewsMedia is two guys (Brian and Brad) with over 20 years of combined
marketing expertise inside the trading and investing niche who want to
make things better for a select few clients.

It’s not about 50 clients...it's about a handful who know the value of scale and the value of one on one attention.

Today we are working with a handful of SELECT clients to help them SCALE
and optimize their businesses with the focus on transparent reporting, open communications, and trust.

So can TNM help you?

Probably...if not, we will point you in the RIGHT DIRECTION at least!