About Brad


Like many people, Brad Stafford finds himself in a place he would never have envisioned 10 years ago. He’s now married to his wife, Aubree, the father of 5 children and living in South Africa. Never would he have thought that his life would center around his relationship with Jesus Christ, five active kids and internet marketing. He’s seen his business grow to include over 100 million in revenues for his clients.

Brad’s life in understandably rather full…he volunteers at a mission organization during the day and works in the late afternoon/evenings. The key is a proper work life balance and with his partnership with Brian, he’s able to balance a family of 7, volunteer work, and a GROWING successful business! He wakes up early to start his day with a quiet time and usually works on campaigns for his clients until 10pm. Brad truly enjoys working with his clients to develop long-lasting relationships and lucrative outcomes.

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