Proof of Life

My partner Brian, at Traders News Media, told me I need to ‘be out there more’...

I told him I would post an update today July 27th if he agreed to do a public speaking gig with me at some point 😉! So let’s hold Brian to it!!! (Contact me to get to Brian lol)

Despite global chaos, our creative and advertising clients are generating more interest, more leads, and more sales! We’re blessed with great clients who allow us to customize campaigns that can grow their company.

We’re delivering more email clicks as our lists grow and our engagement on those lists increases. Our clients are receiving and converting more leads from our external media buying plans and strategies. 

Quietly we’ve been building up our creative skills. Copywriting for funnels, advertorials, and ebooks continues to improve as USER engagement increases! If people are spending more time on our advertorials, then they’re learning more about our clients and engaging better...and the client results speak for themselves! 

We have a team that continues to amaze me as pivots are needed and speed is required. Being 100% remote work has given us an advantage along with people who are always professional and focused on providing the best quality of service for our clients.

We can help you get more leads, more engagement on your website, and massive attention to a new project or campaign. 

Please reach out if you’d like to run a test buy on our lists, or review our creatives to see if we could help you with your next campaign!

OK...back to lurking and working.

Brad /

P.S. Thanks for those wishing happy birthday in the comments!  

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