Part 3! Getting more and more and more leads!

Part 3 of my series draws to a close with the EASIEST part of getting more leads…

C stands for Cascade!!

Cascade…of TRAFFIC!! ?


Sorry that’s an awful C compared to my first two (Create & Convert) but I started with C and I’m forcing the final one ?

I know what you’re thinking…

Brad, traffic is the HARDEST PART!!

Honestly it’s not.

There are some amazing traffic and lead sources just wanting to send you some HIGH quality, financial targeted, leads for a fair market value.

Google, Facebook, financial email lists…ALL WANTING TO SEND YOU TRAFFIC!!



The KEY is really making sure you have the first TWO “C’s” sorted out before the traffic. Because without those two you’ll NEVER get more leads.

You need to create high quality ads that draw the eye, capture the attention of the customer, and stand out among the hundreds of other ads competing for your customers attention.

Second, you need to CONVERT those clicks into leads. If you can’t convert those clicks then you’re spinning your wheels. You need a QUALITY funnel to get those clicks to turn into leads, and those leads to BUY…BUY BUY BUY!!

Then part 3 is the traffic…the traffic is easy if you know your internal metrics.

If you know that you can CREATE and CONVERT, then you know exactly how much you can spend.

Do you?


Here’s how…

Through my new company we can do it ALL for you no problem.

We’re currently working , one stop shop, for a VERY reasonable and fair market price for the value that we are providing.

What I want to do is analyze your current process TOP TO BOTTOM.

From squeeze pages, to follow-up emails, to traffic sources.

I want you to put my 10 years of experience to the TEST…



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