How to Generate Consistent Revenue (without selling your soul)

A question I get quite a lot is this…

Brad…how do I generate consistent revenue?!

Little on the nose…but true.

The answers are simple, yet complex, so I’ll try to
unpack them as best I can for you here today ?

First, let’s assume that you have an email list,
a product (or the ability to create products) and
a functioning brain…HA!

Second, let’s assume that you’re an active participant
in the field of marketing. Meaning, you’re not
just sitting around complaining about how bad
things are, or making excuses. You WANT to
generate consistent revenue.

OK…let’s begin!

Step 1: Price Analyze Your Product!

The current price of your product, if it’s seeing traffic, is
the easiest and FIRST thing you need to analyze.

I’m SURE it’s been done in the past, but times change
SO quickly! A subscription someone was willing
to pay 97 bucks a month for, is now 597…you don’t
know unless you test it.

Now, don’t get crazy and go from 7.95 to 7,950, but
within reason, test both sides of current price to see
if you can move the needle in a positive direction.

If you need help split testing, let me know and
we can discuss: [email protected]

Step 2: Monetize Your List in a NEW Way

As you PROBABLY know I’ve been a big affiliate
marketing cheerleader in the past…well let’s say
that the market has me changing teams a BIT.

Yes, there are a FEW (and, sadly, it seems to be
diminishing rapidly) quality programs with good
products AND CONVERSIONS (the most important
part) out there…but again, they’re becoming
rarer and rarer.

So if you’ve monetized via affiliate model in the
past, or have NOT monetized your non-buyers,
then I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY (clear enough)
recommend that now is the time that you start
working with ad people on a CPC or CPL model.

Performance is what the top companies are paying
TOP dollar for, and if you want consistent income
and consistent RENTERS of your list…PERFORM.

This is important: contact me for people I PERSONALLY
recommend: [email protected]

This is the EASIEST thing you can do without
damaging your reputation, controlling your
list, AND increasing your monthly revenue.

Step 3: Invest In Advertising

As above…I’m not 100% on board with ALL
forms of advertising, however if you want to
properly test, perfect, and SCALE, you need
to advertise.

It’s simple, if you’re not investing in advertising
then you’re going to limp along as a company.

Again…need help/intros: [email protected]

So the point of this article was really to show you
that there are a few EASY things (low hanging fruit
if you will) that you can do TODAY to generate
more revenue…

So…will you take action?

Hope to chat soon!


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